Topographical Plans and Maps

The Topographic or Topographic diagram is a plan that accurately depicts and represents the terrain with all its features (relief, streams / rivers, slopes etc.) as well as that it is located on it (buildings, roads, fencing, etc.). In addition to the diagram, however, a complete topographic survey also includes a complete study, compiled with the relevant specifications, depending on the purpose of its publication.

A topographic map can therefore be issued for various purposes, and should accordingly include the corresponding details. For example, the most common cases are: the issuance of a Building License, for notarial acts (purchase, sale, transfer, etc.), for checking the integrity and construction, for demarcation and division of plots, for a designation by the Forestry Office, for architectural surveys of buildings, for a static study of street and building lines, licensing of photovoltaic installations, for arbitrary settlement and for several more cases.