The office was founded by Fotios K. Darzanos, Surveyor Engineer in 2011 and is based in Ag. Nicholas West Mani.

The philosophy of our office is to provide the best possible service. We place ourselves in your position to be able to act as insightful and responsible advisors. We have a well-organized network of associates, which includes Civil Engineers, Architects, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Geologists, Construction Workers and Lawyers.

Our firm is committed to ensuring outstanding results for our clients and building long lasting relationships with them. We begin with understanding your goals, learning about your project, and doing the appropriate research to be sure we are knowledgeable about the design problem and do so within your budget.

Each client and each project presents to us different requirements and design challenges. We are adept at providing solutions and turning those challenges into design opportunities, meeting your needs and realizing your vision. A final product that we are all proud of.