Legalization of Arbitrary Buildings

Arbitrage Arrangement is a one-way solution in most cases, as according to Law 4495/17 published in Government Gazette 174 / A / 8-8-2013, it is forbidden to transfer or create any real right to an illegal property that you do not have regularized / legalized. Apart from this, if there is a complaint about such a property, there will be a fine equal to 30% of its objective value, and for each year you will not legalize this, you will have to pay a 5% retention fee.

Particularly the fact that laws on the legalization of illegal buildings are very beneficial to landowners is a good solution to get rid of this problem for a long time. In particular, if you are a member of the relevant regime for legalizing an arbitrary building, for 30 years you will have no issue or fine on your property, nor even in the event of a complaint. You will also be able to apply and join the Public Utilities Network (PPC, EYDAP etc) regularly and legally.